Movie Lover’s Carnival 010

Updated on February 11, 2022

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Movie Lover’s Carnival, where we feature links from around the web to movie-related articles and blogposts by you, our reader. If you’ve recently blogged about something cinema releated, you can submit your entries at the BlogCarnival Page for inclusion in our next edition.

Eric Maywar presents The Brothers Bloom: My New Favorite Camel posted at Slight Turbulence.

Director Rian Johnson has carved out quite a reputation as an indie filmmaker despite only being two films old. There’s already great buzz about his third project, Looper, in which he’s going to tackle the always-interesting subject of time travel. I can’t wait!

Tom presents Gabourey Sidibe – was Howard Stern right to say what he said? posted at Screen Ninja.

Most movies that come under the spotlight as contenders during the awards season end up having some kind of controversy surrounding them, and Precious was no exception. Pretty-much everything from its bleak plot to its lead actress generated some kind of talk, and Tom takes a look at some of the reactions.

Mike Ross presents The 15 Greatest Horror Movie Villains of All Time posted at Star Costumes Blog.

Mike says, “Not all horror movies are created equal. Indeed the success or failure of a horror movie often depends on how terrifying (or sometimes likeable) the “villain” is. So here we present those villains who have given us bad dreams, great one-liners, and sometimes even bladder control problems.”

Kelli Marshall presents Double Indemnity vs. Body Heat: A Sexy Showdown posted at Unmuzzled Thoughts (about Teaching, Shakespeare, and Pop Culture).

By now both Hitchcock’s Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity and Lawrence Kasdan’s Body Heat have become classics (the latter film to a lesser degree, but you’ll rarely hear about the former without at least a mention of it), and Kelly decides to pit them against each other!

Kevin Wetmore presents Media Sickness » Review: Goodbye Solo posted at Media Sickness.

I like hearing about little films I have never come across through this carnival, and Goodbye Solo is certainly one of them. Ramin Bahrani’s film seem to have an interesting — if cliched — plot, and I will certainly keep a look out for it.

Naveen presents Raavan Music Review posted at Blog of Naveen Kulkarni.

It’s safe to say that Mani Ratnam’s Raavan (and its simultaneously shot and released Tamil-language cousin, Raavanan) is the most anticipated Hindi movie coming out in the next few months. Ratnam’s movies are hotly anticipated the second they’re announced, as much for the movie itself, as the by-now expected music collaboration with Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman. Naveen fills us in on the soundtrack, which has just been released.

Jeffrey Richardson presents Night of the Living Dorks review posted at For The Dead Travel Fast.

Night of the Living Dorks is the English title of a German film called Die Nacht der lebenden Loser; it’s a comedy-horror movie that might just tickle both your funny bones and send chills down your spine.

Eric Gargiulo presents Freddy Krueger Lives! A Nightmare On Elm Street Movie Review posted at

Eric adds, “Since 1984, Freddy Krueger has haunted the dreams of movie fans worldwide. The “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise was the cash cow of New Line Cinema for quite some time and Robert Englund was the big star. The Springwood Slasher tore through the box office with 8 films and 2 television programs (though 1, a reality show, was never aired) up until 2003. For the past 7 years, horror fans have slept easy, but have wondered when, or if, there would be another Nightmare On Elm Street film.”

Michael Wolf presents Letter 2 America for May 4, 2010 posted at letters2america.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart long before it won him an Oscar — he’s one of my favourite actors, and it’s great to see him getting his due! Michael’s post, however, deals with a question that many may not consider about movies, and how the stories they portray affect us as viewers.

That wraps up this edition of the Movie Lover’s Carnival. Our next edition goes out on the 25th of May, and entries close on the 23rd.

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