Movie Lover’s Carnival 009

Updated on February 11, 2022

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Movie Lover’s Carnival, where we feature links from around the web to movie-related articles and blogposts by you, our reader. If you’ve recently blogged about something cinema releated, you can submit your entries at the BlogCarnival Page for inclusion in our next edition.

carnival-09-aliceJessica Kramer-Teheran presents I Can Slay the Jabberwocky! Disney’s New Alice Serves as a Strong Role Model for Girls posted at DisZine.

We here at VLoveMovies were quite impressed with the new Alice, and especially Mia Wasikowska’s performance. It nice to see we weren’t the only ones!

carnival-09-d9Eric Maywar presents District 9: Racism and the Stories Told by Drama and by Science Fiction posted at Slight Turbulence.

There’s an old saying (well, not that old, I suppose) that Science Fiction isn’t really about the future, but a way of examining the social and technological elements of the period it is made in. Last year’s District 9 was certainly about more than just a bunch of crustaceans stranded on Earth…

carnival-09-sfcostumeMike Ross presents The Top 14 Sci Fi Movies of the ’70s posted at Star Costumes Blog.

Mike says, “The 1970s were a goldmine for sci fi movie fans. For decades, many a haunting storyline was undermined by less-than-stellar special effects. In the ’70s, however, those decades of creativity were finally met by technology that brought ideas to life in a way that had never been seen before, ushering in the next generation of sci fi. Here, then, are 14 sci fi movies that defined the decade.”

carnival-09-ironman2SR presents Do You Think 2010 will be a Great Year for Hollywood Movies? posted at The Movie Blog.

SR adds, “Its been approximately three months of the year 2010, but not many Hollywood movies have gained that much popularity till now. As you throw your focus on the movies released within these three months, they are not so successful as expected.”

carnival-09-kruegerJason Spraggins presents The Moody Musings posted at The Moody Musings.

Jason says, “Interview: Actor Robert Englund- the Original Freddy Krueger. With Robert Englund busy promoting his memoir and horror fans anxiously awaiting the new Nightmare installment, an interview with the original Freddy Krueger seemed appropriate.”

carnival-09-sleepMichael Pattison presents I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone posted at idFilm.

I must confess that I have absolutely zero knowledge or experience with South East Asian cinema, and about the only actor I know from there is Crouching Tiger star and Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh. I should investigate further…

carnival-09-godardJerry Rogers presents 50 Best Blogs for Movie Buffs posted at Online Degrees.

If you’re looking to kickstart your online cinema education, you can do far worse than consult this list of links.

That wraps up this edition of the Movie Lover’s Carnival. Our next edition goes out on the 7th of May, and entries close on the 5th.

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