Movie Lover’s Carnival 005

Updated on February 11, 2022

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Movie Lover’s Carnival.

My my, these two weeks go by fast. I have a lot of fun putting this carnival together, and apologies if it sometimes gets out a little later than planned. We’ve got a lot of great links this time — more than a couple are lists, so you’ll have plenty of browsing and movies to put on your list after this one!

Before we begin, though, I’d like to clarify our policy on multiple entries: in any given carnival, we feature only one entry per blog or blogger. Extra submissions are held over for the next edition of the carnival, but only if the blogger doesn’t submit any new articles for that carnival. So basically, we will choose the first submission during a given carnival’s entry period and ignore any extra submission you may have made before to previous carnivals. And of course, we do read through every entry before including it; if we feel that it is not sufficiently movie-related, we will not include it.

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Now, onward!

carnival-005-13-tzametitheevilp presents To be or not to be..: Smashing Sunday with 13 Tzameti & Ichi posted at To be or not to be...

He adds, “An introduction to 13 Tzameti and Ichi the Killer.” They’re both cult films, and Ichi the Killer in particular has a notorious reputation as a movie that even those used to violent movies find unbearable. πŸ™‚

theevilp has a very non standard blog style, very stream-of-consciousness, and it makes a nice change of pace from the usual way movies are written about.

Go check it out!

carnival-005-hamlet-2Kelli Marshall presents Simultaneously Horrifying and Fascinating: HAMLET 2 and “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus” posted at unmuzzled thoughts.

I’ve heard of Hamlet 2, mostly because I’m a Steve Coogan fan, but I have yet to be rocked by this sexy Jesus. For the life of me I don’t know why — I’m usually the first in line for zany comedies starring people I like, but I suppose Hamlet 2 will have to wait for one of those special nights where only a film featuring a song called ‘Rock me sexy Jesus’ will do!

carnival-005-avatarPremdas Kanaran presents Avatar posted at Addicted2Movie.

Yes, that movie again. πŸ™‚

*Sigh*… What, if anything, is there left for me to say about Avatar at this point? Oh, oh did you hear that Dear John just toppled it from the #1 position at the US Box Office this week? Go, er, John! And Dear as well (actually, go Amanda Seyfried & Channing Tatum, two actors we’re really warming to).

carnival-005-3d-tvKevin Fleming presents 3D Is Destined To Fail posted at Satellite TV Guru.

Last year it was Full HD. Before that it was Blu-Ray Vs. HD-DVD (and we all know how that ended). Kevin brings up a valid point about 3D: for all its wow factor, just how essential is it to the home movie experience — especially now that it’s not just extra money on your movie ticket, but hundreds and probably thousands of dollars of new, 3D-compatible home cinema equipment?

carnival-005-home-theaterJoe Hart presents Starter Systems with Wireless Rear Speakers posted at Wireless Home Theater System.

Joe adds, “If you want to enjoy movies more, start thinking about getting a wireless home theater system.”

And speaking of hundreds and thousands of dollars of home equipment… πŸ™‚

I don’t have a home theatre. Heck, for most of my life I’ve had a 14 or 21-inch TV with no fancy inputs, or have watched things on a computer. But now that we’re all going to have to get 3D super High Definition smell-o-vision in our homes for our lives to have meaning, I guess it’s about time I looked into it!

carnival-005-sag-awardjoe presents Screen Actors Guild 2010 Nominations Announced | Satellite TV Addict posted at Satellite TV Addict.

About the only thing I know about the Screen Actors Guild is that the award is supposed to be very, very heavy, and that it sounds kinda funny when they say ‘sag awards’ — but never, peculiarly, the Saggies…

But any show that gives an award to Betty White is good in my book.

carnival-005-werewolfMike Ross presents 7 Lies About Werewolves You Learned from Movies posted at Star Costumes Blog.

Mike says, “Here are seven of the biggest myths about werewolf myths that the movie industry has you believing. Exciting info you surely can’t miss!”

I’m a mythology and scary monster nut anyway, but this is a really great post! Werewolves = awesome, but werewolves + education = double awesome!

carnival-005-shakespeare-wallahBeth Watkins presents Beth Loves Bollywood: Shakespeare-Wallah posted at Beth Loves Bollywood.

Beth explains, “This is one of my favorite films – I respond to it slightly differently every time I watch it, but the story always impacts me.” I love blog posts about the movies that really affect people — that get them right there — and Beth’s post is a great example.

Shakespeare-wallah (the suffix ‘wallah’ generally means ‘guy’, as in Cable Guy) is a 1965 film from the prolific Merchant Ivory stable, and while I’m sure most urban-educated Indians have heard of it, like me I doubt many have actually seen it.

carnival-005-rana-jung-bahadurGr00 the wanderer presents Top 5 “that guy”‘s in Bollywood posted at Gamer Geek Dreamer.

You will often find yourself saying, “Hey, it’s that guy!” when watching a movie — especially in a Hindi movie — and Gr00 does a fantastic job of putting names to some classic Bollywood ‘That Guys’.

(I will admit to knowing the names of at least three of them beforehand — come on, Sharad Saxena is da man! — but the guy pictured here was not one of them. He is an awesome sidey, though.)

carnival-005-invisible-manScott Jordan Harris presents The Invisible Man (USA, 1933) posted at A Petrified Fountain.

Scott is presently the editor of The Big Picture and a writer for numerous publications including Film International, PopMatters, Fangoria and Rogue Cinema. Wow, that’s quite a resume, and we’re very happy to have his articles included in the carnival. You can also follow Scott on twitter, @ScottFilmCritic

In his post Scott looks at the classic Claude Raines Invisible Man. The first fifty years of cinema have always fascinated me, more on a level of intellectual curiosity than sheer entertainment, but there are certainly more than a few gems to be found there.

carnival-005-brothersgoodreadwatch presents Brothers – Not What I Expected posted at Good Books, Movies, and TV Shows.

Brothers is a remake of an acclaimed Danish film, and its US version has a stellar cast (including Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal & Natalie Portman). I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, and just as the above article says, many have commented that it’s not what they expected — in a good way.

carnival-005-liz-hurley-bedazzledMike presents Feature: Top 10 Depictions of Satan in a Movie | The Critical Critics Movie Reviews posted at The Critical Critics Movie Reviews.

Here’s a really fun list!

I’m actually surprised as to how many of the films on this list I’ve seen already — guess I’m just a little devil at heart. πŸ™‚ My favourite would have to be Peter Stormare’s white-suited one in Constantine (a movie I, even as a lover of the comic it’s based on, must admit to being a huge fan of).

carnival-005-jane-russellAngela Martin presents 100 Free Classic Films Everyone Should See posted at Associate Degree – Facts and Information.

Well now — whew! — this is a really comprehensive list — with lots of great links, and that too for free movies to watch! You could spend the next few weeks and months going through all these, and maybe you should!

(Oh, but please peruse the rest of this carnival before you do πŸ™‚ )

carnival-005-avatar-2Gunther Heinrich presents My Review of Avatar posted at madmind.

Gunther adds, “My review of Avatar is not the usual, all-fluffy hypey-dypey thingy because although the movie looks great it lacks in the story department.”

Well, you won’t hear any complaints about negative Avatar reviews from me. πŸ™‚ Sometimes I wonder if I’ve been too hard on James Cameron’s blue Smurf movie, and then I remember the three hours I spent in the cinema being more impressed by the floaty spore things rather than, you know, the story — and I stop wondering anymore.

carnival-005-gomorrahAnthony Daquano presents Top 10 of 2009 posted at Ruminations From a Movie Geek.

You know me, I love Top 10 of the year lists. Some interesting choices here.

(Yes, yes, I may still do one or two for this site. All in good time. It was a big decade you know, and it can take a few months to sort out what came out when, what you saw, what you didn’t see, and whether or not it was any good!)

carnival-005-buena-vista-social-clubhoneypurple presents Around the World in 80 Documentaries posted at Online

Of all the genres, documentaries are the hardest to slot into what we traditionally call a ‘movie’ but I love the form, and have seen several recently that can and should make it to Best of lists. honeypurple’s list, however, takes an innovative approach, listing documentaries by the part of the world they cover. It’s a nice, comprehensive list of docs, and I’m certainly going to check many of them out.

That wraps up this edition of the Movie Lover’s Carnival. Our next edition goes out on the 26th of February, and entries close on Wednesday the 24th. Be sure to submit your entries at the BlogCarnival Page to be included!