Bangladeshi King Kong

Updated on February 11, 2022

It’s been a good week for trailers, it would seem. There’s really no way to describe today’s offering other than the very self-explanatory title of the movie.

Yes, this is the King Kong. Yes, it’s a micro-budget ripoff — with song and dance sequences. And comedy island savages. And questionable costume design. And a MAN IN A RUBBER SUIT!!!

Banglar King Kong actually seems to hew quite close to the plot of the original 1933 King Kong (which Peter Jackson’s snore-worthy version is also based on). Personally, I actually loved the one they made in the 80s starring Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange.

(Movie fans, you may assemble your pitchforks and torches now)

This isn’t quite a ‘sweded’ movie, some spoof for the internet’s consumption. Banglar King Kong is the real deal, or rather a fake copy real dea–um… whatever.