Movie Lover’s Carnival 006

Updated on February 11, 2022

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Movie Lover’s Carnival. We have a bumper edition this time — over fifteen entries, and plenty of lists, reviews, and more!

Before we begin, though, I’d like to clarify our policy on multiple entries: in any given carnival, we feature only one entry per blog or blogger. Extra submissions are held over for the next edition of the carnival, but only if the blogger doesn’t submit any new articles for that carnival. So basically, we will choose the first submission during a given carnival’s entry period and ignore any extra submission you may have made before to previous carnivals. And of course, we do read through every entry before including it; if we feel that it is not sufficiently movie-related, we will not include it.

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Now, onward!

Premdas Kanaran presents Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables posted at Addicted2Movie.

Now here’s a film even the most jaded movie fan has to be at least curious about. The cast alone is enough of a draw: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, and possibly Arnold Schwarzennegger! I’ll admit that it does look a bit cheesy, but then again, didn’t every 80s action movie have a bit of a cheese factor — that’s exactly what made them good!

Kevin Wetmore presents Review: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done posted at Media Sickness. Kevin remarks, ” A review of Herzog’s bizarre new film. ”

To say that Werner Herzog is a filmmaking phenomenon is probably an understatement. His career is prolific enough for ten filmmakers, and he always seems to make movies that are strange, inventive and interesting.

Anthony Daquano presents Beth Grant and the Lifeline Exercise Card posted at Ruminations From a Movie Geek.

Movies are full of ‘that guy’ and ‘that lady’ actors — people who seem to be in dozens of movies without registering in our minds as names. Anthony takes a look at one of them.

Shweta Mehrotra presents Bolly Chandeliers posted at Apni East India Company.

Shweta adds, “I love Bollywood, and all the extravagance that goes with it. Chandeliers are a popular visual symbol used in Bollywood to represent said extravagance, and I have a running article on my blog sharing mine and readers’ bolly-chandelier-screenshots. I hope you can enjoy these too.”

I love posts like these!

Anne Simone presents 50 Inspiring Films You Should Show Your Students posted at Online

A nice, big comprehensive list of movies grouped by genre!

Lisa Taylor presents Top 10 Medical Movies of all Time posted at Nurse Practitioner Schools.

Another unusual list. I don’t think I’ve seen many of the ones on it.

Christa Hillmer presents Skip Dinner, Go to a Movie this Valentine’s Day posted at Art from the Heart.

Even more lists! So what if it’s past Valentine’s Day, everybody knows love is a year-round celebration!

Sai presents chocolate and condensed milk posted at and again. Sai adds, “Wonderful clay animation movie on the imperfections of life as found through two pen pals.”

Animation is one of my favourite storytelling mediums, and it’s great to see new feature animation that isn’t just the usual aimed-at-kids blockbusters (though some of those are good too!).

Smruti Ranjan presents ‘My Name Is Khan’ Broke the REcord of ‘3 Idiots’ posted at The Movie Blog.

Everybody’s been talking about My Name is Khan recently. Much as I am a Shah Rukh Khan and Bollywood fan, I have had absolutely no interest in seeing Karan Johar’s new film. But I’m obviously in the minority given how successful it has been so far.

Mike Izaks presents Feature: Top 10 80s Action Movie Stars posted at Movie Reviews by The Critical Movie Critics.

And the lists keep coming! If you were wondering just why The Expendables is such a hotly anticipated movie, then this list (which features many of its cast) may go some ways to convincing you why.

carnival-06-jack-sparrow presents Movies Shot In The Caribbean posted at Caribbean Edge Magazine.

If you’ve ever looked at the scenery of a film and said, “Wow, I’d love to go there!” then this post maybe be interest to you. But sorry, Avatar fans, you guys are still out of luck I’m afraid.

Alex DeMattia presents Film Review: Avatar (2009) – All About posted at All About

Speaking of Avatar…

(As I typed that last sentence in the previous item I truly wondered how it was that I had gotten so far in this edition’s entries without one Avatar-related piece!)

Samir presents Sherlock Holmes – movie review posted at Samir’s Creative Ideas.

Samir adds, “Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movie is an action packed wonder that’s not only slick and entertaining, but also surprisingly true to the spirit of the original material.”

Hear hear!

Gracyqueen presents Top 10 Courtroom Movies of All Time posted at Court Reporter Schools.

We seem to be covering all the bases as far as lists are concerned this week!

Kelli Marshall presents Sir, Please Move Your Head: Nostalgia vs. Stadium Seating posted at unmuzzled thoughts (about film, television, and Shakespeare).

Kelli highlights an aspect of modern cinemas that we may take for granted now, but that makes a movie experience infinitely better.

Roy Daniel DSilva presents The Orphan Review and Plot Synopsis (2009) posted at The Sick Flicks.

Roy adds, “a closer look at all the weird characters in Horror movies!”

That wraps up this edition of the Movie Lover’s Carnival. Our next edition goes out on the 15th of March, and entries close on the 13th. Be sure to submit your entries at the BlogCarnival Page to be included!